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Thornton Backflow Testing


Did you know that your Thornton Backflow Testing needs to be completed once a year? It is the law that customers with backflow preventers have them tested and certified to ensure that the device is working properly and preventing any chance of cross connection into the potable water supply. If you have irrigation backflow preventers, the best time of year to have your testing done is between May and September. This will allow you to keep all of your devices tested at the same time avoiding additional confusion.

Progressive Plumbing and Heating has a database specifically designed for managing Thornton Backflow Testing for our customers devices and test due dates. We will call you prior to the due date and schedule your Thornton Backflow Testing. In the event your device fails testing and needs repaired, we can repair the device and get you back into compliance!

Reasons to use us:

  • We are licensed plumbers in the State of Colorado
  • We have a database to track your devices and due dates for you
  • We provide professional computer generated reports for you and the water purveyor
  • We are able to install new devices and repair existing devices
  • We charge a flat rate per device for testing
  • We provide Thornton Backflow Testing
  • And Much More!

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